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Physiological Data

7T Magnetom

NONIN Puls Oxymeter 8600-FO

Non-invasive determination of SpO2 and pulse through measuring light absorption or light emission while irradiating the skin (percutaneously). For digital recording and subsequent analysis of acquired physiological data our in-house developed setup is used, consisting of the hardware "PhysioBox" and the software "Physiolog". The PhysioBox employs the module National Instruments USB 6008 with pressure sensor (Honeywell 40PC001B1A). The Software "Physiolog" written in Python samples the data at 200 Hz and store them as CSV file. The aquisition will wait for the first MR trigger.

CSV output: 4 rows (200 Hz)

row 1 respiration
row 2 pulse
row 3 SpO2
row 4 MR trigger


Signal detector and interface for easyACT

The standard ECG signal at 7T is not reliable. For ECG triggered MRI we use the easyACT device. This device non-invasively captures acoustic signals produced by heart beat, which are output as TTL signal. For more information see

3T Achieva dStream

We offer the standard Philips physiological recording setup. ECG sampling frequency 496Hz, respiration & pulse 100Hz.