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7T Magnetom

Whole-body gradient coil SC72 (70mT/m, 200 T/m/s)

The magnetic field gradient necessary for imaging is produced by this additional coil.

Head coils

32Ch.jpg 24Ch.jpg 8 Ch Spiegel.jpg
Siemens (Nova Medical) TxRx 32-Channel Head Coil with mirror mount for visual stimuli Siemens (Nova Medical) TxRx 24-Channel Head Coil (no visual stimulation) Rapid Biomedical 8-Channel TxRx Head Coil with mirror mount for visual stimuli

More coils:

  • Siemens (Quality Elektronics) TxRx 28-Channel Knee Coil (knee coil)
  • Siemens Basic Coil
  • Siemens (Invivo) TRH-297-Quad Head Coil (CP coil)
  • Doty Scientific Single Channel (primate head coil)

3T Achieva dStream

DSC02582.JPG head-neack-spine.jpg head-spine.jpg
32-Channel Sense-Head Coil with mirror mount for visual stimuli Head-Neck-Spine-Coil Head-Spine-Coil