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Study Application

Application Process

If you want to use CNI devices to conduct a study, please fill in the application form below. Once filled in, the form will be available as a PDF file for download and print. Please submit the signed and filled-in application form via mail, fax or personally to the modality's responsible person.

After an internal evaluation of your application according to the criteria given in the user rules, we will inform you about the success of your application, your contact person(s) at the CNI, and the time and date your project can start.

User Rules

The user rules are the basis for all services offered by the CNI and have to be accepted by our users. For planning your study, we recommend that you consult our MRI Best Practice Guide.

Changes to running studies

In the case of ongoing studies, a new application for using CNI devices is necessary, if

  • the measuring time is exceeded or falls short by more than 10 % of the original estimate,
  • there are changes in the funding of the study, particularly in cases where you need more measuring time,
  • you plan to address a new question/topic,
  • there is a change of the person in charge.

Application Form

Financing of measuring time
Planned further use of results
Short description / aim of study
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